Smart Bulbs – Wireless Lights

Wireless lights are a new option for your homes. They are also called as standard-fitting smart light bulbs. This product of lighting and wireless technology is creating a new market for itself. It helps to save money as well as power. There are many benefits of these lights.

  • They are much less expensive than the normal lights and they generate less amount of heat. They also help in power conservation.
  • They can be easily controlled through remote controls.
  • Lifetime of these bulbs is much more than the normal conventional bulbs, at least fifty more than the incandescent bulbs.

With the help of the remote, you can use these wireless bulbs in your homes or with the help of your smart phone loaded with some apt app. It can also be used via Internet and Wi-Fi connection.

These LED lights live much longer than the normal bulbs. They are less expensive and they produce less amount of heat. The first wireless light is available and has standard medium Edison screw base. It fits and works like an ordinary bulb. They are currently available in 120V AC 60 HZ, but very soon they will be available in other voltages as well. Its setup is very much straightforward and is also bigger in size as compared to the normal bulbs. The major difference between the two is that one uses 60 W and other uses 8 W of energy to produce the same amount of energy and it is seven and half times cheaper than normal bulbs.

Control equipment through corners and walls

A wireless radio frequency remote control extender is an ideal device if you want to hide your remotes in some secluded place. This RF extender works through the walls and also works for much greater distances.

Control equipment through corners and walls

How does this IR remote work?

It uses an invisible beam of infrared light to carry the information to your TV decoder. When infrared is used, it can’t penetrate through walls as it is an opaque object.

Even glass is an opaque medium and these rays can’t pass through them. Most of the rays are reflected back and the light which is passed through is not enough to use it for any productive purposes.

An IR remote works through air, over short distances and when you directly aim at the device you want to control. It does not work when it is placed behind walls or any opaque object, around corners and over large distances.

But using this controller the data can be carried on radio waves. The extender receives this information carried on RF frequency. Then it retransmits the same information via IR light beam and the decoder senses if this is directly from an IR controller.

This devices is helpful at places where it works most of the functionality is carried out with remotes.  When in offices people work through multiple devices, this device comes as handy. It has an easy installation and the user manual provided is very helpful. It has garnered good reviews from everywhere and is reasonably prized product.

Energy Harvesting

Today everything is run with batteries and conservation of energy. But the new technology of technology harvesting will eliminate the usage of batteries in low-powered devices such as wireless sensors. These sensors could be embedding in the building construction for applications such as humidity and temperature sensing for fire monitoring and heating control.

Energy Harvesting

Two factors that make it possible for electronic devices to operate on tiny amounts of waste energy gathered from the environment.

  • Energy harvesting is easily available in the market today.
  • New generation wireless sensors have reduced the usage of power to a considerable amount.

The electronic circuits in wireless sensors require energy to make them work. This is supplied by batteries and other connected power supplies.

There are many types of energy that can be harvested. It comes from human activity and as well as natural resources. When there is no continuous flow of energy we can store that energy and then reuse it later.

An energy harvesting power supply needs to be pumped up with energy in order to replace the energy being used by electronic device. There are many types where the energy can be consumed.

  • Heat Energy – Its uses the waste heat from industries and domestic areas and also the infra-red radiations from the sun.
  • Electromagnetic – It receives the electromagnetic radiations from the sun.
  • Mechanical – It uses vibration, sound, deformation, linear acceleration and movement of human body as well.
  • Chemical – It uses the ionic potential within the human body.

VPN Technology

Today the use of wireless and Internet activity has increased considerably over the years. It has also exposed you to many online threats and increased your vulnerability to unauthorized intrusion. Despite all this, using public wireless network is safe and reliable in many aspects. It is cheap as well as compared to connecting computers on lines. To protect your online activity and to keep it private and secure, we have VPN technology.

VPN Technology

VPN is nothing but Virtual Private Network which provides a secure line for all your online transactions and data. We use Internet at mobile phones, Wi-Fi and also hotspots on many public networks. VPN keeps the data and your address private to outside world. There are many intrusions like hacking, spamming, and snooping and cyber theft as well which happens if you are not on VPN.

There are several other benefits of this technology like online bank transactions, Security to Wi-Fi connections, protecting user ids and passwords, protects on when you are on hotspots, security to the online identity, lets you use social networking sites of any country, you can use you tube, Hulu and other related software on VPN and Skype and Viber usability is also permitted.

VPN sets you data into packets and is packed before it is sent out. It also checks whether the other end which is the receiving end is secure or not. It encapsulates and encrypts to pass from several routers and the data is recovered at the receiving end.

Next New Big Thing-Li-Fi

In today’s tech savvy world, the most dominant technology is wireless technology. It has its holding in all aspects today. Mobile phones are the most common example of this technology. The Wi-Fi connections are very common amongst Internet connection. But slowly there is another budding alternative to Radio frequency network. This company has it named as Li-Fi. They will be using light to carry the information instead of Radio frequency. Light carries information at a much faster pace as compared to Radio frequency. It has a big bandwidth and a high frequency as compared to RF.

This is quite a known fact and even the light emitting devices can respond extremely fast. When the data rates are high, Li-Fi can go anywhere and at a much faster rate compared to Wi-Fi. But the data can only travel through light, so it cannot be transmitted through walls, although it can be transmitted through windows. Even the indirect lightening and reflected light can fetch a substantial amount of signal and data can be extracted from it.

This technology can be used at places where the RF technology can’t work. For example, it can work in airplanes where RF technology creates an interference with the electronic systems.

When there is a large area that can be lit-up, this technology can be used. There are light emitters which can be placed on ceilings and then illuminate the entire area making the technology to work. Instead of Wi-Fi card, we will have a similar device where instead of RF sensor, we will have light sensors.

It has certain limitations but Li-Fi could be useful in some situations.

Wireless Technology In Road Safety

Some people walk in the middle of the roads with their eyes engrossed in their smart phones. Sometimes people driving are also involved in GPS navigation or any call and lose the track on what lies ahead. So, an app has been created in order to save all of them from any grave danger.

A system installed in the smart phones that can estimate if the pedestrian and the car are about to have a collision. This technology is built with the help of Wi-Fi technology. As most of the people today have smart phones and are connected to the network in some or the other form, it is the most feasible option.

This is a car to car interaction for existing efforts and car to car interaction in terms of infrastructure. This technology relies on dedicated short range wireless channels devoted to vehicle use and it does not requires specialized equipment to equip the implementations. It reduces the cost to a considerable amount. It sends out blasts of information in short intervals and immediately determines the position of another smart phone with the help of GPS. If it picks up signal from multiple users then Wi-Fi uses a collision prediction analysis to find when and where the user needs to be signaled.

But the major constraint is setting up a quick Wi-Fi connection in all the areas because it is unable to deliver data at speeds beyond eight to twelve kilometers per hour. So, it can be installed in areas with high Wi-Fi usage.

Microsoft creates a Wireless charging Trousers

Wireless Technology has taken the generation with storm. Everything today is smaller and portable in size. The technology has become less clumsy and wired. Everything is wireless and can charged with another portable device. One such thing has recently taken the technology world with surprise is charging trousers developed by the professionals of Microsoft.

Microsoft has unveiled a new mobile accessory as a new prototype. This is a pair of trousers that supports wireless charging for Nokia Lumia Handsets. The team has incorporated a wireless charging plate in the trousers. This technology is known as inductive charging and it is a smart way to keep your phone charged up all the time.

Microsoft creates a Wireless charging Trousers

The wireless charging trousers will be available for preordering very soon. But the main question that arises to our mind is that what actually powers the wireless charging plate which needs to be answered. Microsoft in collaboration with Bruce Weber and David Bailey has established something which is modern, fashionable and useful as well. It has created a vision with these wireless charging trousers. It has style which complements the cutting-edge design of the new Lumia smart phone. The technology invented will create a new style in the market. These trousers will act as a tech device and as well as fashion statement. The battery in these trousers are designed in such a way that it will charge to your phone to the extent it is needed and then it will automatically turn off.

Portable Bluetooth Enabled Sound System

Do you find it lazy to go your wall and plug in the charger to your audio device? Well, here is a solution for those tech savvy geeks. Bluetooth enabled sound system will allow enable you to enjoy a loud sound of your audio on full range speaker. This new technology device is called Eton Rugged Rukus Solar Bluetooth Sound System. Its solar charging feature is a benefit for people who want to hear music outside home. The solar charger is rechargeable lithium battery with the AC adapter in case we charge it in the premises of our home or hotel.

Portable Bluetooth Enabled Sound System

For full charging of the solar battery, we need to connect the device for around 2.5 hours through AC adapters or under direct sun for around 5 hours. This is a rugged, water proof solar Bluetooth sound system which switches to the energy stored when it stops receiving the solar energy. This wireless device is a good way to utilize natural resources instead of man-made resources. The device is designed in such a way that one touch pairing to Bluetooth devices, where it streams to the music from any smart phone having Bluetooth. This can be done on even on laptops, tablets or personal computers. There are wires and sockets for this device and just with one touch pairing; you can have access to your playlists and music. This cool gadget has gained popularity in a very short time and is often seen carrying with the tourists and travelers.

Wireless Smoke Alarms

How will it be when the smoke alarms at your homes can talk and tell you the exact location where smoke is coming from? This alarm sends the message immediately to all the members of your family and thus the smoke can be detected at an early stage and lives cab be saved. There is a programmed synthesized voice which emits from the alarm when the smoke is detected and tells everyone in the house. These alarms are wireless devices which are wirelessly connected to each other. If one alarm detects smoke, it emits a signal to the remaining smoke alarms in the house. So, the other alarms can also be able to emit signal even if the smoke has not reached them.

Wireless Smoke Alarms

Other options like wireless bridge are there which connects to the network and wirelessly receives alarm from smoke detectors. They may in turn automatically turn on the lights to illuminate the escape route. In big offices and buildings where there are multiple passages and rooms, these alarms help to save many lives and save people from any hazardous conditions or injury.

These wireless smoke detectors also have an additional feature of notifying people away from home. It sends a message on their phones about the fire breakout and helps them to reach their near and dear ones in times of crisis.

These wireless devices are very famous and nowadays are implemented in all the modern built houses and flats in order to make your home more secure from any fire breakout.

Wireless e-book Readers

People with a hobby of reading books always find it difficult to carry the books here and there with them. It’s always a cumbersome job with so many heavy books to carry all the time. Instead just imagine if you are able to carry hundreds of books in one time? It’s like having books of the entire world in your bag that too of a size of a slice of bread. Here comes the e-book reader which helps you to download as many books you want to download and read. It becomes so convenient that you can sit anywhere and read the book which you feel like at that particular moment.

Wireless e-book Readers

These book readers have many features from increasing and the decreasing the size to font which is comfortable to your eyes. You have wireless access to e-book shops and libraries wherever you can find a place with wireless coverage. All you have to do is just browse and download even the most expensive books online for free. This e-book reader also helps to load your own content online. This can make people read your books and you can expand the reach of your audience all over the world. The content downloaded from the e-book reader can even be printed. So, next time you are bored of waiting for someone or you are stuck at some place for long hours, all you have to do is take out your e-book reader and have access to thousands of books.